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Winners Circle Kharisma




Jet Black Tobiano Pinto, Homozygous for Black.


Height - 32.25 inches • A 93319

Kharisma has an elegant body and Arabian head. She is a great moving horse that graces our pastures with her aristocrat presence. Not only is she is a joy to watch, she has produced some terrific foals for us. Kharisma came to us as a four year old. Bred By Barbara Norman at Winner's Circle, she was born among miniature horse foundation champions. The Norman's were instrumental in producing some of the greatest miniature horses in the breed. Kharisma is the half-sister to Winners Circle Adonis, the AMHA National Champion and Grand National Champion in Junior, Two Year old, and Senior Stallion in Halter. Adonis and Kharisma both share the same sire, Martins Dealers Choice, a jet black tobiano pinto who is a multi-champion, and sire of champions. Her dam Chantilly Lace is a beautiful chocolate silver mare. These photos were taken of her as an fourteen year old mare. As you can see she has kept her elegant body and remains a head turner. Kharisma carries one Tobiano pinto gene and is homozygous for black (she will never produce a red foal). We are thankful to have acquired her from Judy and Bob Mathey.


Kharisma has been tested and is Heterozygous for Tobiano (nT), and is Homozygous for the Black gene (EE), therefore she can never produce a red foal no matter what stallion she is bred to.


Her pedigree includes: Martins Dealers Choice, Chantilly Lace, Bond Dynamo, Dell Teras Miss Independence, Komokos Dyn O Mite, Komokos Wee Wee, Bond Jocko, Bond Bambi, Dels Tinker Toy, Dell Teras Rose, Komokos Ringo, Komokos Peanut, Bond Tiny Tim, Bond Honeydew, Bond Inkspot, Dels Little Man, Micky Moto, Komokos Jennie.



Sire:  Martins Dealers Choice

Dam: Chantilly Lace






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