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Van Los Angel in Calico




Jet Black Calico Frame Sabino Overo Pinto, right eye blue.


Height - 33.25 inches • Foaled 5/15/1995 • A 76156 / R 205433A




This stunning horse was owned by my mentor, Lynda Barthlein Marzac, for several years before Lynda (Sugar Creek Ranch) retired from miniature horse breeding. I coveted this mare from the moment I saw her walking across the field at Sugar Creek Miniature Horse Ranch. We were very fortunate to acquire Angel. Bred by Lois Myler, Angel's sire is the well-known Van Los Paleface, a decedent of the famous Sample. Her sire's pedigree includes the Wink's line including Shodeo Time, and Showdeo Kid. The dam's line also includes the Wink's lines and additionally, Silverdales and Hillwickes. Lois Myler rebred Angel's sire and dam several times, but was never able to recreate any foal like Angel. She is a unique, one of a kind horse, which we treasure. She is art in motion. Angel has the personality to match her exquisite color, and is a pure treasure to have here. We never tire of seeing her in the pasture and she is truly loved. Angel was one of several of our horses that participated in the original research on the Sabino gene at the University of Kentucky by Samantha Brooks. We were thrilled to be able to be a part of that research. Angel has produced a number of outstanding foals for us.


Angel has tested positive for the Frame (LWO), as well as the Sabino (SB1) overo genes.  She is Red/ Black (Ee). She tested negative for the Splashed White, Tobiano, Silver, and Cream genes.



Her pedigree includes: Van Los Paleface, Mylers Angel, Van Los Tony, Winks Shodeo Time, Silverdales Dainty Denise, Mylers Shorty, Van Los Vani, Winks Shodeo Kid, Rolling Green Red Crescent King, Angel, Samples Samplette, Hillwickes Captain Romeo, Silverdales Diane.



Sire: Van Los Paleface

Dam: Mylers Angel





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