We welcome the opportunity for our clients to visit our ranch and pick up their new horse(s). However, if that is not possible, we are also happy to help make the arraignments with you. There are many horse transporters. Some specialize in transporting just miniature horses. Others transport both full-size horses as well as miniatures.


We will be happy to organize shipping the horse(s) you purchase. We can either contact the various horse transportation companies and get transportation quotes for you, or you can contact them and let us know who you wish to ship with. We want the horses to arrive safe to your home.



International Transportation: We are pleased to cooperate with our foreign clients to assist them in a safe arrival of the horses they choose. We have shipped horses to Australia, as well as Europe and are familiar with the paperwork and the necessary quarantine stations. We will work with you to get a reasonable quote for quarantine and transportation for a safe arrival in your country.

Joanne & Keevan Abramson

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