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The Equine Tapestry: An Introduction to Colors and Patterns

By Lesli Kathman


  • This is the first book in a planned series of books on the topic of color genetics.


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Horse Color Explained; A Breeder's Perspective

By Jeanette Gower 1999


  •  Lots of photographs that help explain this important topic. Highly recommended.




Horse and Pony Coat Colours

By Carole Knowles-Pfeiffer 2000



  • Quick read, with many photos, and author's tips for identifying color.




Miniature Horses; Their Care, Breeding and Coat Colors

By Barbara Naviaux 1999


  •  Lots of valuable information for any owner of a miniature horse or anyone thinking of purchasing a miniature. The book you must have if you own a miniature horse. Out of print, but can be found on eBay and on Amazon occasionally.






Equine Color Genetics, Third Edition

By D. Phillip Sponenberg 2009


  • This is the current edition, but will likely have a revised edition at some point.



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