Celeste is known at our ranch affectionately as my teddy bear because of her size, bay color, and personality. Our smallest mare, at just 28 inches, she makes up for her diminutive size by having an incredible personality. For those of you that have seen the outstanding British comic strip by Norman Thelwell, Celeste looks just like one of the "Thelwell ponies". And she certainly has a bigger than life character to match any of those ponies in the comic strip! She is another mare that continues to surprise us by producing loud colored foals. Ones that are far more refined and taller than she is, and foals that have a lot of leg. Celeste has produced homozygous tobianos, toveros, sabinos, and solids. We always wait for her next foal with great anticipation. Her sire is Carousel Galaxy a tobiano pinto from the Texans, Shady Acres, and Lil Ponderosa lines. Her dam is Stouts Sweet Potato, a silver dapple bay tovero pinto mare that is pure Stouts on both top and bottom of her pedigree. Celeste is one of our ranch's earliest acquisitions in 1996 when she was just four years old. She had her first foal with us, Pacific Dual Image, a stunning black tovero pinto colt that we showed for several years. Now 20 years of age in 2012, she has produced nine foals for us. We have retained her daughter, Pacific Desire, who is herself now part of our brood mare herd. Pictured here at twenty years young, Celeste remains a miniature horse to never be underestimated. She has earned the title of "Barn Queen", having passed several other "Barn Princesses", along the way. She is a true treasure that we have been honored to share our time with. Celeste was bred by my mentor and friend, Lynda Baerthlein Marzac at Sugar Creek Farms.


Celeste has produced heterozygous and homozygous tobianos pintos. We believe she is carrying a single tobiano pinto gene.



Her pedigree includes: Carousel Galaxy, Stouts Sweet Potato, Springwaters Moon Fantasy, Texans Star, Stouts Bucky Badger, Stouts Little Pritsie, Shady Acres Mr Moon, Lil Ponderosa Muffin, Texans Big Spot, Texans Sweet Thing, Stouts Moonshine, Stouts Minnie Pearl, Stouts Black Magic, Stouts Mona Lisa, Shady Acres Little Joe, Shady Acres Samantha, Lil Ponderosa Red Pepper, Lil Ponderosa Flicka, Texans Paint, Texans Cindy, Stouts Mister Pride, Stouts Mona Lisa.



Sire:  Carousel Galaxy

Dam: Stouts Sweet Potato










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