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Pacific Jazz Spots N Dots

Black Homozygous Tobiano Pinto Colt


 Height - 22.50 inches (Birth Height)  • Foaled June 21, 2016  •  AMHA# A226168


SOLD! Sold to : Sara, Arizona

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Jazz Spots N Dots is a jet black colt with great conformation and color patterns. His butt has a horseshoe shaped marking with dots in it. Both his sire, “Jazz”, and his dam “Dotty” are homozygous for tobiano, so we know he is as well. He will always have a tobiano pinto no matter what mare he is bred to. Jet, non-fading blacks, especially one that is homozygous for tobiano with this colts conformation, are uncommon. Grab him while you can.


Jazz Spots N Dots has been tested and is a Homozygous Tobiano (TT). He will always produce a tobiano pinto foal no matter what mare he is bred to.


His pedigree includes: Canterbury All That Jazz, Romandaros Color Me Dot To Dot, Vermilyea Farms Renegade, Bryland Farms Pocket Money, Six Gems Let The Thunder Roll, Sheltesians Cheyanne of CJ, Bond Galahads Legacy, NFCS Geta Light, Summers Mucho Dinero, Spring Valleys Pocahontas, Mustardseeds Romanundos Legacy, Lil Rascals Oreo Cookie, Timber Ridges Cisco Kid, White Pines Silhouette, Bond Sir Galahad, Bond Bambi, Red Lantern Light Vant Huttenest, Gita Van Double Dutch, Summers Mucho Macho, Summers Senorita Rosalita, Komokos Sonny Boy, Komokos Little Miss McGee, Romundo, McFarlins Aggie, Bond Pippin, Little Kings Miss Lucy, Timber Ridges Ikey, Pinto Lady, Bond Fairfiels, Kno Bel Spring Joy.


Sire:  Canterbury All That Jazz

Dam: Romandaros Color Me Dot To Dot

Joanne & Keevan Abramson

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