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Sheza LTDS Lucky Charm




Bay Frame Sabino Overo Pinto, left eye blue. Homozygous for Black.


Height - 33.00 inches • Foaled 5/30/1995 • A 70669




Charm was one of the first frame overo mares I fell in love with. She arrived from Florida in late November 2000. It would be hard to express the number of superlatives needed to describe Lucky Charm! She is a beautiful mare to watch move, and is as friendly as a puppy dog. We just love having her. She goes out of her way to find people to nuzzle, and is equally friendly with other mares. Her pedigree includes Rhotens Little Dandy, a National Grand Champion driving horse. Charm is homozygous for black (she can never have a red foal no matter what stallion she is bred to). Bred by Lisa Davis at LTD's in Missouri, she was first owned by Linda Baerthlein Marzac where I first saw her at Sugar Creek Ranch in California. She was then sold to Aloha Acres in Florida, and I spent several years trying to convince Henry Horrox to sell her to me. She was a favorite of his, and I understand why. Lee Crutchfield eventually convinced him to sell her. We are very grateful he did. Charm is equally at home in a pasture or a barn stall. She is a happy mare wherever she is. Charm was one of several of our horses that participated in the original research on the Sabino gene at the University of Kentucky by Samantha Brooks.


She has been genetically tested and is a Bay (Aa), Frame (LWO), Sabino (SB1), and is Homozygous for Black (EE) therefore she can never have a red foal no matter what stallion she is bred to. She has tested negative for the Splashed White, and Silver genes.



Her pedigree includes: Shredder, Southview Mi Charm, Samples Wendy, Sundance Little Dip, Sundance Dandy's Charm, Sonrisa Hajel, Gypsy, Sample, Samples Sandy Blue Eyed Cresent,  Flying W Farms Wardance, Sundance Capri, Rhotens Little Dandy, Sundance Miss Muffet, RGR Cresent King, Silverdales Dainty Denise, Cocoa, Judy, Samples Ginger, Flying W Farms Sundance, Flying W Farms Wildwood Rose, Bond Dynamo, Bond Counterpoint, Ohios Meadow Muffin, Flying W Farms Autumn Leaves.



Sire: Shredder

Dam: Southview Mi Charm





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