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Romandaros Color Me Dot to Dot





Black Homozygous Tobiano Pinto


Height -  30.75 inches • Foaled 5/13/2003 • A 146465 / R 235901A


Dotty caught my eye when I visited the Rosedown Farm website several years ago, and I must admit I frequently called, and emailed them to see if they would consider selling her. Dotty has the eye candy color, combined with being homozygous for tobiano pinto, and being a black horse, that fits in so well with our breeding program. She has several unusual color patterns in her coat. She has a beautiful, dishy head, and big, soft brown eyes. Dotty was tested and is homozygous for tobiano pinto. No surprise to us as she is covered in dots! She will always produce a tobiano foal no matter what stallion she is bred to. Bred by Robin Good at Romandaro Miniatures in Pennsylvania, she spent her last few years at Rosedown Farm in North Carolina. We wish to thank Bridget Guinn and Sarah Guinn-Clinedinst for allowing Dotty to join our brood mares. She is a wonderful mare that we adore.



Dotty has been tested and is Red/ Black (Ee), Homozygous for Tobiano (TT) Pinto; and Negative for the Agouti (aa) and the Cream (Cr) genes.



Her pedigree includes: Six Gems Let The Thunder Roll, Sheltesians Cheyanne of CJ, Mustardseeds Ramundos Legacy, Lil Rascals Oreo Cookie, Timber Ridges Cisco Kid, White Pines Silhouette, Ramundo, McFarlins Aggie, Bond Pippin, Little Kings Miss Lucy, Timber Ridges Ikey, Pinto Lady, Bond Fairfield, Kno Bel Spring Joy, Dell Teras Lord of the Isles, Little Sally Montana, Bond Sir Galahad, Bond Sweet Accord, Komokos Royal Flush, Komokos Starstruck Lady, Bond Showboy, Bond Lady Bug C, Komokos Little Pal.



Sire: Six Gems Let The Thunder Roll

Dam: Sheltesians Cheyanne of CJ




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