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Reining Spirits Cotton Candy




Jet Black Tobiano Pinto, Homozygous for Black.


Height - 32.00 inches • Foaled 3/25/2005 • A 164034 / R339985


Sometimes beautiful mares just seem to fall into our lap, and such was the case with Cotton Candy. We adore the jet black, non-fading color she has, and she is also homozygous for black, so she can never have a red foal no matter what stallion she is bred to. Her tobiano white pattern is well placed, and her luxurious black and white mane crowns it all. Candy has beautiful movement and conformation, a very feminine, lovely head and large doe eyes, terrific hip and high tail set. Her introduction into our breeding program in 2010 infused new genetic lines. Her sire, Buttonwillows Jack In The Box, was a 2000 AMHA Top Ten yearling stallion in Halter. She is also a granddaughter of the well-known AMHA National Champion driving horse Jess Rocky Rabbit. Bred by Mike and Dona Want of Buttonwillows Ranch, she has some of the most respected, and sought after horses in her pedigree; Rowdy, Sugar Creek, NFC, Hobby Horses, Sooner States, and Cross Country. We wish to thank Robert and Brenda Kane of Wild Spirit Ranch for allowing us to acquire this mare.


Candy has been tested and is Homozygous for Black (EE) (she can never have a red foal no matter what stallion she is bred to), and carries the Tobiano (Tt) pinto gene. She tested negative for the Frame (LWO), Splashed White (SW-1), and the Sabino (SB1) genes.


Her pedigree includes: Buttonwillows Jack In The Box, Buttonwillows Karmel Kandee, Jess Rocky Rabbit, Buttonwillows Fortune Cookie, Stormy Rivers A Cutabove, Buttonwillows Rascals Georgie Girl, Sooner States Rocky, Sooner States Melody, Sugar Creek Patent Pending, Eurekas Satin Doll, W & LDS Cherokee Flash, Dell Teras Trend Setter, NFC Rowdys Rascal, Buttonwillows Chantilly Lace, Tattoo, Sooner States Robin, Carousel Galaxy, Sugar Creek Tiger Lily, Hobby Horses Pepper, Bond Chauncey, Triple G No Twenty Eight, Rowdy, Komokos Baby Jane, Rainbow Ranches Fantasys Commander, Cross Countrys Jessica.



Sire:  Buttonwillows Jack In The Box

Dam: Buttonwillows Karmel Kandee








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