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Pacific Tickle Your Fancy



Our only Color Prints foal for 2017, but what an amazing filly she is. A rich mahogany bay, with splashed of color in all the right places. As you can see on her video, she has energy to burn. She is ready to take on the world. We have crossed Canterbury My Fair Lady with Magic Mans Color Prints several times, and they always have outstanding foals. This year’s model is no exception.



Fancy is Homozygous for Bay (AA) and (Ee), And is a Frame (nO) Overo Pinto.



Her Pedigree Includes: Magic Mans Color Prints, Canterbury My Fair Lady, LTD’s Magic Man, TNTS Angels Baby, Vermilyea Farms Stylish Buckaroo, PLF Prancing Pixie, Shredder, Samples Wendy, Pratt Little Nugget, Jobi Yasmin, NFC Rowdys Stylish Conclusion, Little Kings Buckaroo Chardonnay, Evans Desperado, Evans Edwina, Sonrisa Hajel, Gypsy, Sample, Samples Sandy Blue Eyed Cresent, Jobi Biet, Texas Bluebelle, Rowdy, Ayers Mini Blue Jewel, Boones Little Buckaroo, Komokos, Love Lace, Evans Jig, Evans Golden Utt, Evans Charlie Horse.




Sire:  Magic Mans Color Prints

Dam: Canterbury My Fair Lady



Homozygous Bay Frame Overo Pinto Filly  •  Height - 21.50 inches (Birth Height)  •  Foaled April 8, 2017  •  AMHA / AMHR # Pending






Joanne and Keevan Abramson

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