Solid White (Black based) Homozygous Sabino, Splashed White Pinto Colt, with Blue Eyes


Height – 33.00 inches (May 2018)  •  Foaled April 30, 2016  •  AMHA# 225531 / AMHR Qualified






From earliest times white horses have been seen as mythical, and were believed to possess exceptional properties, transcending the normal world by having wings, such as Pegasus, from Greek mythology, or having horns like the unicorn. As part of its legendary dimension, the white horse in myth may be a prophesy, or warn of danger. As a rare or distinguished symbol, a white horse typically bears the hero- or god-figure in ceremonial roles or in triumph over negative forces. In Greek mythology, the white winged horse, known as Pegasus, was the son of Poseidon. Poseidon was also the creator of horses, creating them out of the breaking waves when challenged to make a beautiful land animal.


Spirit is a stunning, pure white colt, without a speck of pigment. He has the most beautiful blue eyes, and a happy, confident spirit. White horses are born white and stay white throughout their lives. Possessing several color producing genes, we expect Spirit will be an outstanding addition to a serious color producing breeding program. No matter what mare he is bred to, he will always pass on a Sabino pinto gene and all his foals will be pintos. Some foals will also receive the Splashed White pinto gene. This would be an ideal stallion to be bred to Frame (LWO) positive mares.


Spirit has been tested and is genetically a Black (Ee), Homozygous for the Sabino (Sb1/Sb1) gene, and also carries a Splashed White (SW1) gene. He tested negative for the Frame (LWO) gene. He will always produce a sabino pinto foal no matter what mare he is bred to. He has so many pinto genes that they obscure his black color.


His pedigree includes: Nostalgias Dirty Money "Monet", Van Los Angel in Calico, Nostalgias Show Me The Money, Tuckers Voo Doo Magic, Van Los Paleface, Mylers Angel, Cajun Rebel, Nostalgias Edith Ann, Tuckers Magic To Do, Tuckers Dakota Prize, Van Los Tony, Mylers Angel, Winks Shodeo Time, Silverdales Dainty Denise, Cocoas Charlie Boy, Flying W Farms Orange Blossom, Kobecks Duffy, Nostalgias Southern Belle, LTDS Magic Man, Valley View Smokey Too, Shredder, C Prize Possession, Mylers Shorty, Van Los Vani, Winks Shodeo Kid, Hillwickes Captain Romeo, Silverdales Diane.


Sire:  Nostalgias Dirty Money "Monet"

Dam: Van Los Angel in Calico

Joanne & Keevan Abramson

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