Pacific Queen of Hearts




Jet Black Homozygous Tobiano Pinto Filly, with blue eyes.


Height - 33.50 inches   •  Foaled May 23, 2018  •  AMHA A 231619 / AMHR  343798 T



Hearts is an outstanding filly. She is the daughter of Lakota, one of our favorite mares, and our stallion All That Jazz. Our Jazz foals sell quickly, so we have to make a decision fast as to which we are keeping for ourselves. This filly is so unusual, we just had to keep her around to see how she turns out. She is a Jet (non-fading) black, and homozygous for tobiano pinto. She will always have a tobiano pinto foal no matter what stallion she is bred to. Outstanding conformation as well as color. Lots of unusual spots and dots on this one. She has an unusual chest shield that is covered in dots. Not the typical solid shield we are used to seeing. We are retaining Hearts as a future breeding mare. In the meantime, she is eye candy out in our pasture. A joy to watch.



Hearts has been tested and is Black (Ee), and Homozygous for the Tobiano Pinto Genes.



Her pedigree includes: Canterbury All That Jazz, Pacific Lakota Stars, Vermilyea Farms Renegade, Bryland Farms Pocket Money, Larays Patrick, Cheyenne Stars, Bond Galahads Legacy, NFCS Geta Light, Summers Mucho Dinero, Spring Valleys Pocahontas, Taylors White Cloud, Lil Ponderosa Fancy, Ultra Tradition, Morning Star Eyes, Bond Sir Galahad, Bond Bambi, Red Lantern Light Vant Huttenest, Gita Van Double Dutch, Summers Mucho Macho, Summers Senorita Rosalita, Komokos Sonny Boy, Dell Teras Miss Maryland, Lil Ponderosa Rex, Lil Ponderosa Proud Beauty, Ashbys Kid Dy No Mite, Ultra Brook.



Sire: Canterbury All That Jazz

Dam: Pacific Lakota Stars




Joanne & Keevan Abramson

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