Pacific Pizzazz



Bay Homozygous Tobiano, Splashed White Pinto Stallion, with Blue Eyes.


Height - 33.00 inches   ●  Foaled 5/6/2009  ●  AMHA A 193234 / AMHR 341534A




"A look in the dictionary under 'Pizzazz' yields the following description; "Dazzling style; flamboyance; flair". An apt description of this stunning stallion!"

Pizzazz is the result of our third generation of horse breeding. His sire Pacific Mad Hatter, and his grandsire Pacific Justin Time, were also bred at Pacific Pintos. With his eye catching, flashy color and patterns, and his combination of pinto genes, he is a goldmine for our breeding program. His body is dotted with an unusual combination of deep mahogany red and black calico patches, trimmed with a jet black tail, ears, and forelock, with patches of jet black in his mane. The calico patches also occur on his great grand dam, Van Los Angel In Calico, who is one of our broodmares. His great grand sire, Sugar Creek Bolero, a black tobiano splashed white tovero pinto with blue eyes, was our beloved herd sire here for many years. Pizzazz’s sire is Pacific Mad Hatter, a black frame splashed white and tobiano pinto stallion with blue eyes, who has an ultra-refined Thoroughbred - type body, and elegant movement. His dam is Easterbrooks Dream About Me, a bay splashed white tobiano mare with blue eyes. Combine his stunning color, and a floating movement which he gets from his sire and grandsire, and add his incredible pedigree to this stallion, and you have one impressive package! Until 2018, Pizzazz shared our stallion breeding line up with his sire. Now that Pacific Mad Hatter has his own, new herd, Pizzazz can show us even more of his colored foals.



Pizzazz has been tested and is a Bay (Aa) (Ee), Homozygous for the Tobiano (TT)  pinto gene (he will always have a pinto foal no matter what mare he is bred to), and also carries the Splashed White (SW-1) pinto gene. He tested negative for the Frame (LWO) gene.



His pedigree includes: Pacific Mad Hatter, Easterbrooks Dream About Me, Pacific Justin Time, Las Doradas Tiffany's Lace, CN Easterbrook Farms Dreamaker, Just Wee Gee Gee, Sugar Creek Bolero, Van Los Angel In Calico, Las Doradas BBS Freedom, Hidden Rivers Tiffany Delight, Macho Mecate, Langfords Her Din Ann, Dell Teras Stop Watch, Just Wee Gee, Bond Commodore, Sugar Creek Golden Contessa, Van Los Paleface, Mylers Angel, Willowbrooks Moonshadow, Les Petites Liberte, Shady Acres Cracker Jack, Kraus Kings Lightening, Rebel Sam, Macho Magic, Dell Teras Sweet Lady Rose, Just Sampson, Just Wendy.



Sire: Pacific Mad Hatter

Dam: Easterbrooks Dream About Me

Foals By Pizzazz

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