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Pacific Paloma Picasso



Silver Buckskin Splashed White Sabino Pinto Filly, with blue eyes


Height - 32.50 inches • Foaled March 12, 2015 • A 223235 / R 334271T


Sold to: Meaghan Sirvatka, Petaluma, CA



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Paloma is a silver buckskin splashed white sabino pinto filly, with dazzling blue eyes. Her body color will darken over the next few years to reveal her white areas. Buckskins continue to darken during their first five years until they are fully mature. This is the third time we have crossed Tequila and Monet together, and each time the offspring have had exceptional color and conformation. Paloma's full sister, Pacific Bella Luna, now lives in France at Cinnamon's Sirius Chevaux Miniatures Americains, where she just had a foal of her own. Her full brother, Pacific Cameo, now lives in Nevada.


Paloma has been tested and is a Silver (nZ), Buckskin (nCr, Aa), Splashed White (n/SW1), Sabino (n/SB1). She tested negative for the Frame (LWO) Overo gene. She is black based (Ee).


Her pedigree includes: Nostalgias Dirty Money "Monet", Cross Country Tequila Sunrise, Nostalgias Show Me The Money, Tuckers Voo Doo Magic, Cross Country Native Dancer, Cross Country Layla, Cajun Rebel, Nostalgias Edith Ann, Tuckers Magic To Do, Tuckers Dakota Prize, Lazy N Red Boy, Cross Countrys Wendy, Cross Countrys Rowdy Reflection, Nordics Lady Jane Grey, Cocoas Charlie Boy, Flying W Farms Orange Blossom, Kobecks Duffy, Nostalgias Southern Belle, LTDS Magic Man, Valley View Smokey Too, Shredder, C Prize Possession, Rowdy, Hancocks 15 Bell, Cross Countrys Lil Alice.


Sire: Nostalgias Dirty Money "Monet"

Dam: Cross Country Tequila Sunrise


Joanne & Keevan Abramson

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