Pacific Midnight at the Oasis

Black Pinto Colt, Left Eye Blue. Homozygous for Black  •  Height - 23.00 inches (Birth Height)


Foaled April 25, 2018  •  AMHA / AMHR # Pending


Sold To : Mary Haughey, Morgan Hill, California







Midnight was born just after midnight at our ranch, which is known as “Swampy Oasis”. Using the title to Maria Muldaur’s hit song, “Midnight at the Oasis”, seemed like a winning name ! Midnight is a highly refined, awesome colt. He has a beautiful blaze, a hind right sock, and that captivating, light left blue eye from his dam. We feel that this colt is an exceptional show quality, and future breeding horse. He has the Arabian look that the miniature horse industry demands with the attitude and temperament to set him apart. Both sire and dam are homozygous for black, so we know he is also homozygous for black. He can never have a red foal no matter what mare he is bred to. This colt would be a fabulous future stallion in a pinto breeding program where he could bring in refinement.


Midnight will be tested negative for the Sabino, Frame (LWO), and Splashed White genes. He is homozygous for black (EE), and can never have a red foal no matter what mare he is bred to. Depending on the mare he is bred to, he can have a black, bay, buckskin, or perlino foal.


His pedigree includes: Nostalgias Dirty Money "Monet", Pacific Lady Godiva, Nostalgias Show Me The Money, Tuckers Voo Doo Magic, Majic Mans Color Prints, Benchmarks My Darling Clementine, Cajun Rebel, Nostalgias Edith Ann, Tuckers Magic To Do, Tuckers Dakota Prize, LTDS Magic Man, TNTS Angel Baby, Bond Famas Amos, Sugar Creek Silver Belle, Cocoas Charlie Boy, Flying W Farms Orange Blossom, Kobecks Duffy, Nostalgias Southern Belle, LTDS Magic Man, Valley View Smokey Too, Shredder, C Prize Possession, Shredder, Samples Wendy, Pratt Little Nugget, Jobi Yasmin, Bond Shadrack, Bond Agnes, Bone Commodore, JRS Little Silver Girl.



Sire:  Nostalgias Dirty Money "Monet"

Dam: Pacific Lady Godiva

Joanne & Keevan Abramson

P.O. Box 1271 Fort Bragg, CA  95437  •  707-964-4380   •  Cell: 707-357-4380   •  E-Mail: