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Pacific Masked Bandit

China and Prints never disappoint us when they have a foal. Pacific Masked Bandit is right on the mark with his conformation and color. The more I breed silver gene horses, the more I enjoy the beautiful transformation they go though in their first few years. Their coat gets increasingly darker, revealing their awesome color and patterns. Some with dapples, some without. But each one unique and special. I have never seen the facial markings that Masked Bandit has. Once his adult coloration comes in, he will have an amazing one of a kind, facial pattern that stands out in the crowd.


Masked Bandit has been tested and is a Silver Buckskin Sabino Pinto (nZ, Aa, nCr, nSb1), and Homozygous for Black (EE). He tested negative for the Frame (LWO) gene.


His pedigree includes: Magic Mans Color Prints, Pacific China Blue, LTDS Magic Man, TNTS Angel Baby, Sids Terminator, Samis Miss Banana Rowdy Lass, Shredder, Samples Wendy, Pratt Little Nugget, Jobi Yasmin, Dippers Dipsy Doodle, Sids Ginger, Shadow Oaks Top Banana, NFC Rowdys Lil Chicklet, Sonrisa Hajel, Gypsy, Sample, Samples Sandy Blue Eyed Crescent, Jobi Biet, Texas Bluebelle, Boones Little Apache, Starlights Little Dipper, Johnstons Tina Star, Shadow Oaks Paul Bunyan, Shadow Oaks Tiny Miss, Rowdy, Equus Minus Lil Chicket.




Sire: Magic Mans Color Prints

Dam: Pacific China Blue





Silver Buckskin Sabino Overo Colt • Height - 29.50 inches • Foaled August 30, 2015 • A 224993






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