Pacific Lexus


Bay Sabino Pinto Filly



Height - 19.00 inches (Birth Height)  •  Foaled May 31, 2019  •  AMHA / AMHR Pendin








Lexus is a beautiful little filly out of a gorgeous buckskin roan mare named Farah. She is a rich bay color with a wide strip of black down her back, in addition to her black mane and tail. Both Lexus and her dam Farah were bred by Nancy and Don Richey of Canterbury Farms in Mississippi. We own several Canterbury Farms horses and they have always proven to be great breeding stock. The sire of Lexus is Indigo Illusion, owned by the Richey’s. Illusion is an outstanding solid white, homozygous for black, bay frame homozygous sabino pinto stallion. Illusion is producing outstanding foals. We purchased Farah in foal to Illusion and this little beauty is our reward. Just look at her proportions ! We think she will mature like her dam Farah.



Lexus tested positive for the Sabino.



Her Pedigree Includes: Indigo Illusion, Canterbury Azale Farah, Magic Mans Top Buck, Quad KS Elvira, Little Kings Buck King, Cantaberrys Moon Maiden, LTDS Magic Man, Santanas Premium Lace, Stanleys Comanche King, Blues Honey Bunny, Boones Little Buckaroo, Little Kings Tootsie, Kobecks Moon Glow, Hobby Horses Rusty Lady, Shredder, Samples Wendy, Little Kings Santana Supreme, TNTS Angels Baby, Artem Monty, Midnight Queen, Briutts Little Smokey, Boones Little Snowball, Poplar Lanes, Sampson, Johnstons Vanilla, Komokos Little King Supreme, Ocalas, Jingle Bells, Komokos Chief Running Brave, Kobecks Black Julip, Hobby Horses Powder Puff, Hobbu Horses Rusty Girl.



Sire:  Indigo Illusion

Dam: Canterbury Azale Farah


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