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Pacific Color Galore / G & S Color Galore




Bay Frame Splashed White Tobiano Tovero Pinto, with blue eyes.


Height - 34.00 inches • Foaled 3/30/2008 • A 217868 / R 293994A




Aptly named by her breeder Tina Dolinger of West Virginia, Colors Galore is pure "Eye Candy" ! Her face has a striking mask covered in black freckles that are known as "Belton Patterning". Surprisingly, these are not associated with being homozygous for tobiano. These markings are more commonly seen in English Setter dogs. This rare horse patterning is discussed in the book, Equine Tapestry by Lesli Kathman, where additional horse photos can be seen. Though she is a minimally marked pinto, Colors has been genetically tested, and is a frame, and splashed white overo, as well as a tobiano pinto. She has a rich cherry bay color, limited body white (just two small dots on her left side, high leg white, and bright blue eyes, with black eye liner. She arrived at our ranch in 2013 as a five year old. By that time we were amazingly her seventh home. She has settled right in and become an important asset to our herd by producing some excellent foals. We adore this spectacular mare that has both the perfect color and gentle temperament we strive for in our breeding program. We are proud to add her to our broodmares, and wish to thank Scott Slice of Slice Farms Minis in South Carolina, for allowing Colors to join us in California.


She has been tested and is a Bay (Aa), and positive for the Frame (LWO), Splashed White (SW1), and Tobiano (nT) pinto genes.


Her pedigree includes: Miller's Last Chance 4 Voodoo Magic, 4 G's HF Ruby, Millers Samples Framed Overo, Lilliput Acres Voodoo Magic, Ballew Caesar, Circle L's Ruby, Sonita Highlands Phantoms, Samples Overo Blue Eyed Fame, Justin Time, Lilliput Acres Zuni, Ballews Toby.



Sire:  Miller's Last Chance 4 Voodoo Magic

Dam: 4 G's HF Ruby






Joanne & Keevan Abramson

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