Pacific Cloud Nine



Silver Black Splashed White Tobiano Pinto.


Homozygous for Tobiano and Splashed White Overo, with Blue Eyes.


Height - 31.25 inches • Foaled 3/24/1999 • A 102271


Exposed, but not confirmed in foal to Windermeres Buckaroo Ultimate Legacy





When Tivoli foaled this filly we were on “Cloud 9”. That is how she got her name. Cloud Nine is a refined mare by our former herd sire Sugar Creek Bolero, a Gold Melody x Bond, Jet Black Pinto Stallion and out of Tivoli, a Bond Sir Galahad, Chocolate Silver Medicine Hat Tovero Mare. She is three quarters Bond breeding and one quarter Johnstons breeding. She is what we are striving for in our breeding; elegant, with great leg to body proportions. Cloud Nine has tested positive for the silver gene, and tested homozygous for Tobiano (TT). She has also tested homozygous for Splashed White (SW-1), so she will also always throw a splashed white and tobiano pinto foal no matter what stallion she is bred to. She has just one patch of silver black color on her belly on the left side, and one black right ear. She also has eyeliner and black around her left eye. Otherwise she is all white with dazzling blue eyes. We now know that her dam Bond Tivoli, as well as her sire, Sugar Creek Bolero, carried the Splashed White gene, and Cloud Nine received one Splashed White gene from both parents.


Cloud Nine has been tested and is Homozygous for Tobiano, and Homozygous for the Splashed White (SW-1), carries a Silver gene (N/Z), and is genetically a black (Ee) horse. She tested negative for the Frame, and Sabino genes.


Her pedigree includes: Sugar Creek Bolero, Bond Tivoli, Bond Commodore, Sugar Creek Golden Contessa, Bond Sir Galahad, Bond Gay Destiny, Bond Jocko, Bond Fantasy, Johnstons Gold Boy, Johnstons Golden Dream, Bond Soapsuds, Bond Tiny Tim, Bond Honeydew, Bond Bulldog, Bond Amy, Gold Melody Boy, Starlight III, Johnstons All Star, Bond Little Joe, Bond Inkspot.



Sire: Sugar Creek Bolero

Dam: Bond Tivoli




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