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Pacific China Blue




Silver Smoky Black with Amber Eyes, and Crescent


Height - 33.75 inches • Foaled 5/31/2001  •A 125384



China is the offspring of our broodmare Rowdy Lass, a Rowdy and Top Banana descendent. China was born to Rowdy Lass in the spring of 2001. We bought Rowdy Lass in foal to Sid's Terminator from Aloha Acres in Florida in 2000. China's sire is Sid's Terminator, a double bred both Roan Ranger and Boones Little Apache son. China was born the most beautiful iridescent coffee color with bright blue eyes. Her eyes changed over the next six months until they were amber. She is truly a "horse of a different color", with the most unusual iridescent hue. Visitors here will often stop and stare at China as they have never seen that color horse before. She stands out no matter what horses are around her as something very unusual. Her dam is homozygous for black, and both China and Rowdy Lass carry the cream (dilute) gene. She remains a sparkling iridescent color in the daylight which is a challenge to photograph. This is a correct, balanced mare that is passing on her traits to her foals. She is a calm and easy going mare that adores being a broodmare, and caring for her foals. She passes on her confidence and stability to her foals.


China has been tested and carries a single Cream (nCr), and Silver (nZ) gene, and is negative for the Frame (LWO), and the Champagne gene.



Her pedigree includes: Several National Champions including Sids Terminator, Samis Miss Banana Rowdy Lass, Dippers Dipsy Doodle, Sids Ginger, National Champion Shadow Oaks Top Banana, NFC Rowdy Lil Chicklet,  Boones Little Apache, Starlights Little Dipper, Johnstons Tina Star, Shadow Oaks Paul Bunyan, Shadow Oaks Tiny Miss, Rowdy, Equus Minus Lil Chiclet, Roan Ranger, Johnstons Starlight, Boones Little Apache, Johnstons Blondie, Golden Pennys Prince Charming, Little Tex Fancy, Shadow Oaks Ebb, Shadow Oaks Dream Size, Kewpies Sun, Komokos Mountain Boy, Komokos Baby Jane.



Sire:  Sids Terminator

Dam: Samis Miss Banana Rowdy Lass





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