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Pacific Calypso

Homozygous Black and Tobiano and Splashed White Pinto Colt, with Blue Eyes


Height - 26.25 inches  •  (August 2017) Foaled April 18, 2017  •   AMHA # 229046




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Spectacular black pinto colt, with blue-eyes. This colt will certainly stand out in a pasture. He has wonderful conformation and movement. He has been tested and is homozygous for both Black (EE), so he can never have a red foal no matter what mare he is bred to, and is also Homozygous for Tobiano (TT), so he will always have a tobiano pinto foals and can never produce a red foal no matter what mare he is bred to. His sire is our own Pacific Pizzazz, a black homozygous for tobiano and splashed white pinto stallion. And his dam, Happy Times Storms Gift of Love is a black tobiano pinto that carries the rare Belton Markings.  This is an elegant, refined little colt.


Calypso was tested and is Homozygous for Black (EE), and Homozygous for Tobiano (TT), therefore he can never have a red foal no matter what mare he is bred to, and will always pass on a Tobiano Pinto gene to his offspring. He also carries a Splashed White (n/SW1) Pinto gene.


His pedigree includes: Pacific Pizzazz, Happy Times Storms Gift of Love, Pacific Mad Hatter, Easterbrooks Dream About Me, 3FS Midnight Storm Edition, Rivers Edge Lovers Caprice, Pacific Justin Time, Las Doradas Tiffany's Lace, CN Easterbrook Farms Dreamaker, Just Wee Gee Gee, Freedom Hill Farms Buck The Memory, B&Ws Grand Edition, Grosshill EK Creations Rowdy Lover, Lucky Four Apaches Showboat, Sugar Creek Bolero, Van Los Angel In Calico, Las Doradas BBS Freedom, Hidden Rivers Tiffanys Delight, Macho Mecate, Langfords Her Din Ann, Dell Teras Stop Watch, Just Wee Gee, Little Kings Buck Echo, Freedom Hill Farms Memory of You, Sweetwaters Heart Throb, Bomar Dolly Parton, NFC Egyptian Kings Creation, NFC Rowdys Love Note, Richters Apache, Lucky Four Back Talk.



Sire:  Pacific Pizzazz

Dam: Happy Times Storms Gift of Love

Joanne & Keevan Abramson

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