Pacific Blue Money


Black Frame, Sabino, Splashed White Pinto Colt, with Blue Eyes.


Height – 21.50 inches (Birth Height) • Foaled Jan. 23, 2018 • AMHA# A 231621 / AMHR Pending










2018 has started out with a bang ! Pacific Blue Money, is a Nostalgia's Show Me The Money, (an AMHA National Champion Stallion) Grandson, and the son of our herd sire Nostalgias Dirty Money “Monet”.  His dams side is no less impressive with his amazing dam Van Los Angel in Calico, from the famous Van Los and Mylers line of miniature horses. "Blue" will be a powerhouse of color in a future breeding program, and in the meantime you can just love on him. He has quite the personality ! This colt has spunk, and knows he is good looking. He is inquisitive and comes right up to investigate people or animals. If you are looking to add color to your herd, take a colt to the show ring, or just have an outstanding horse in your pasture, check out this colt.



Blue Money has been tested and is genetically a Black (Ee), and positive for the Frame (LWO), Sabino (Sb1), and Splashed White (SW1) genes.



Her Pedigree Includes: Nostalgias Dirty Money "Monet", Van Los Angel in Calico, Nostalgias Show Me The Money, Tuckers Voo Doo Magic, Van Los Paleface, Mylers Angel, Cajun Rebel, Nostalgias Edith Ann, Tuckers Magic To Do, Tuckers Dakota Prize, Van Los Tony, Mylers Angel, Winks Shodeo Time, Silverdales Dainty Denise, Cocoas Charlie Boy, Flying W Farms Orange Blossom, Kobecks Duffy, Nostalgias Southern Belle, LTDS Magic Man, Valley View Smokey Too, Shredder, C Prize Possession, Mylers Shorty, Van Los Vani, Winks Shodeo Kid, Hillwickes Captain Romeo, Silverdales Diane.




Sire:  Nostalgias Dirty Money "Monet"

Dam: Van Los Angel in Calico


Joanne & Keevan Abramson

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