Silver Chestnut Frame Homozygous Splashed White Pinto Filly,

with Blue Eyes


Height - 22.00 inches (Birth Height)  •  Foaled April 20, 2016  •  AMHA# 225532






Allie Kat has the classic homozygous splashed white markings, just like her dam Kitty Hawk. This filly has attitude and an adventurist spirit. She is ready and willing to explore and investigate anything. She has become the 2016 official greeter to all that visit us. She is always the first to come over, and brings the rest of the foals with her. Likely the most photographed foal so far this year.


Allie Kat was tested and carries one Frame gene (nO), and is Homozygous for Splashed White (SW1/SW1), and carries one Silver (nZ) gene. No matter what stallion she is bred to, she will always have a splashed white pinto foal.


Her pedigree includes: Pacific Mad Hatter, Fergies Kitty Hawk, Pacific Justin Time, Las Doradas Tiffany's Lace, Reeces Shadow of a Hawk, Fergies Double Oak Miss, Sugar Creek Bolero, Van Los Angel In Calico, Las Doradas BBS Freedom, Hidden Rivers Tiffanys Delight, 4 Gs Little Kings Alfalfa Pleasure, Reeces Foxfires Fancydontletmedown, Fergies Lucky Medicine Hat, Fergies Maximum Miss, Bond Commodore, Sugar Creek Golden Contessa, Van Los Paleface, Mylers Angel, Willowbrooks Moonshadow, Les Petites Liberte, Shady Acres Cracker Jack, Kraus Kings Lightening, Little Kings Alfalfa Please, Warwick Farms Sweet Bay, Luckys Fancy Foxfire, Reeces Gravel Girtee, Oak Forest Wild Streak, East Acres Blaze, Oak Forest Wild Streak, Fishers Frosted Ellusion.


Sire:  Pacific Mad Hatter

Dam: Fergies Kitty Hawk

Joanne & Keevan Abramson

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