Orion Sass Box “Sassy"




Buckskin Homozygous Tobiano Pinto.


Height - 31.00 inches • Foaled 4/27/2011 • AMHA A 207258 /  R 339983A



Sugar and spice and everything nice could be the words to best describe this little mare. She is always willing to please, and you just need to let her know what you want, and she is there for you one hundred percent. Sassy is a beautiful buckskin pinto, with outstanding conformation and movement. She is also homozygous for the tobiano pinto gene, therefore she will always have a tobiano pinto foal no matter what stallion she is bred to. She caught my attention when surfing the internet one night, and a couple of phone calls later she was ours. She is an exceptional addition to our broodmares. Our thanks to Gene Taylor of Willow Oak Farm in North Carolina for breeding this lovely mare, and sending her our way.


Sassy has been tested and is a Red/Black (Ee), Homozygous for Tobiano (TT) Pinto, and carries the Agouti (Aa), and the Cream (nCr) genes.



Her pedigree includes: Evergreens Orion Spirit In The Sky, Seahorse Buckaroo Echomans Sass Box, Brewers Orion Commander, Dell Teras Selma Ann, Triple KS Boogies Echo Man, Poes Petites Pippi Longstocking, Orion Light Vant Huttenest, Brewers Jubilee, Little Kings Boogie Buckaroo, Alamos Buck Echos Feverete, Jefferson Halls Geronomo, Monday Morning Rising, Dell Teras Jane, Dell Teras Batman, Shady Acres Dark Moon, Boones Little Buckaroo, Little Kings Buck Echo, Small World Fever, Jefferson Halls JR, Jefferson Halls Molly, Pursleys Dynamite.



Sire: Evergreens Orion Spirit In The Sky

Dam: Seahorse Buckaroo Echomans Sass Box



Joanne & Keevan Abramson

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