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Oak Trees Marilyn



Black Sabino Homozygous Splashed White Pinto Mare


 Height - 32.75 inches  •  Foaled April 14, 2012  •  A 211642 / R # Pending


Marilyn left Pacific Pintos in 2012 inside her pregnant mom “Panga”. She came back to us as a six year old mare. She has a unique, artistic color pattern, a bald face, and dazzling blue eyes like her sire and dam. She is a homozygous for black, and homozygous for splashed white pinto mare, and also carries a single sabino pinto gene. Her sire is Nostalgias Dirty Money “Monet”, our former herd sire. Her dam Panga, is a loud bay, splashed white tobiano pinto mare, with one blue eye. Our thanks to the Daly’s, and Jay Ohaco for allowing her to return to Pacific Pintos, and join our broodmares.




She has been tested, and is a Homozygous for Black (EE); she can never have a red foal no matter what stallion she is bred to. She is also Homozygous for the Splashed White (SW1/SW1) gene, and will always have a splashed white foal. Additionally, she carries one Sabino (SB1) Pinto gene. She tested negative for the frame (LWO), tobiano, and dominant white genes.



Her pedigree includes: Nostalgias Dirty Money "Monet", Easterbrooks Dream About Me, Nostalgias Show Me The Money, Tuckers Voo Doo Magic, CN Easterbrook Farms Dreamaker, Just Wee Gee Gee, Cajun Rebel, Nostalgias Edith Ann, Tuckers Magic To Do, Tuckers Dakota Prize, Macho Mecate, Langsfords Her Din Ann, Dell Teras Stop Watch, Just Wee Gee, Cocoas Charlie Boy, Flying W Farms Orange Blossom, Kobecks Duffy, Nostalgias Southern Belle, LTDS Magic Man, Valley View Smokey Too, Shredder, C Prize Possession, Rebel Sam, Macho Magic, Dell Teras Sweet Lady Rose, Just Sampson, Just Wendy.


Sire: Nostalgias Dirty Money "Monet"

Dam: Easterbrooks Dream About Me “Panga”








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