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Nakar Apparitions Goldilocks




Palomino, with Amber Eyes.


Height - 32.00 inches • Foaled 7/27/2008 • A 192518 / R 296583A



I first saw Goldilocks on a Facebook posting. I was intrigued by the quality of all the horses for sale at NaKar Miniatures. They were elegant, with beautiful heads and I loved their conformation. I could see that Karin had a knack for consistently breeding quality foals. Her foals had the conformation, and the pedigree behind them as well. We have always loved the Boones Little Buckaroo line, but have been selective in what we chose. We do not often buy solid mares, but we knew Goldilocks would be an outstanding horse bred to our pinto stallions. This mare has a beautiful Arabian head. Goldilocks carries a Cream gene making her able to produce both buckskins and palominos. Her large amber, doe eyes speak volumes.  We are grateful to Karin Santangelo at NaKar Miniatures in Texas for allowing us to purchase this mare. Photos credit for these photos is Karin Santangelo / NaKar Miniatures.




Goldilocks has been tested and is (ee), and carries a single Cream gene (nCr).



Her pedigree includes: Little Kings Echo Apparition, Los Arboles Champagne Kisses, Little Kings Buck Echo, J JS Sunflower, Arions Diablo Destiny, NXS Power Trip, Boones Little Buckaroo, Komokos Teeny Jeanie, Bar GS Linda, Alvadars Double Destiny, Sutherlins Little Kahlua & Cream, NXS Power Ego, NXS Mischief Maker, Poplar Lanes Samson, Johnstons Vanilla, Komokos Mountain Boy, Komokos Sally, Johnstons All Star, Mohawks Golden Starlight, Little Kings Buckaroo Times Two, Mini Bits Shady Lady, Reynolds Lightening, Fishers Overlooked, Oak Forest Wild Streak, Winnermakers Punky, Colees Vesla.




Sire:  Little Kings Echo Apparition

Dam: Los Arboles Champagne Kisses





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