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Millennium Duffys Abyss




Smoky Black, with Amber Eyes.


Height - 30.50 inches • Foaled 5/8/2005 • A 161054 / R 261661

When Darrell Mulkey and Tommy Smith retired from miniature horses in the fall of 2009, we were lucky to be the first to buy two of their mares. We chose Abyss and Couture. Both these mares have beautiful Arabian heads from their sire, the late Dippers Duffy. A quick look on the Millennium website and you could easily pick out the horses that Duffy had sired. He produced an Arabian head that was his trademark. Abyss has the perfect mix of attributes from her dam and sire. She has her dam Onyx's sleek refinement, while possessing her sire's signature beautiful head and croup. Though she appears to be black, she has been tested and carries a Cream gene making her able to produce both buckskins and palominos. Abyss is a perfect little mare that is producing exceptional offspring. We do not often buy solid mares, but we knew Abyss would be an outstanding horse for our pinto stallions. She is a sweet mare too, with large amber doe eyes full of intelligence. She is not only a beautiful mare, but she has the brains to match her beauty. We are very grateful to Darrell and Tommy of Millennium Farms in Texas for allowing us to purchase this mare. We know she was a particular favorite of theirs and that makes her even more special to us.


Abyss has been tested and is Black (aa), and carries a single Cream gene (nCr).



Her pedigree includes: Dippers Duffy, Darmonds Onyx, Boones Little Apache, Starlights Little Dipper, Darmonds GGS Mr America, Williams Prissie Hiawatha, Roan Ranger, Johnstons Starlight, McRaes Mr GG, Morris Sweet Sundae, Bozemans Whos Dat, Bozemans Ms Cricket, Gold Melody Boy, Starlite II, Sligo Little Stormy, Sligo Miss CC, Yellow Diamond Little Feather, Bond Dacula, Bond Dominick, D Bar DS Tiffany, Still R Cricket.



Sire:  Dippers Duffy

Dam: Darmonds Onyx







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