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MCDS Evette



Silver Bay Frame Sabino Overo Pinto, with Blue Eyes Homozygous for Red


Height - 32.00 inches • Foaled 3/12/01 • A 126105









Evette is a double bred frame overo, (both her sire and dam are frame overo pintos). Her sire is La Vista Brilliant Remark, a chestnut Frame Overo Pinto, by La Vista Remarkables Remarkable, a Rowdy grandson, with solid Bond on his dam's side. La Vista Brilliant Remark now lives in the United Kingdom at Birchwood Farm. Her dam is Ashley Acres Eve Was Framed, a black Frame Sabino Pinto, with a Lazy Acres, Ohios, and Dell Teras linage. Ashley Acres Eve Was Framed is currently owned by Reece's Miniature Horses. Evette is a sweet mare with lots of black pigment around her face and black eyeliner around both blue eyes. Due to the sabino trait she has white hairs interspersed in her coat giving a roan - like appearance. Though Evette is a classic medicine hat frame sabino, the significant white hairs in her coat are hard to capture in a photo unless she is in the shade. Evette came to our ranch as a three year old and had her first foal the following year. She has been bred to two different solid black stallions and has produced three pintos; three frame overo foals, and one sabino overo foal. She is very strong for the overo pinto traits. This mare was bred by Jeanette McDonald. We are grateful to Patty Wilhoite for allowing us to purchase this exceptional mare.


Evette has been tested and is a Bay (Aa) color, positive for the Frame (LWO), Silver (nZ), Sabino (SB1), and homozygous for Red (ee). She tested negative for the Splashed White, Tobiano, and Grey genes.


Her pedigree includes: La Vista Brilliant Remark, Ashley Acres Eve Was Framed, La Vista Remarkables Remarkable, Bond Miss Citation, Ashley Acres Tinys Little Eagle, Lazy Acres Daisy Mae, NFCS Remarkable Rowdy, NFCS Red Fascination, Bond Pop Pops, Bond Priscilla, Ashley Acres Tiny Tim, Lazy Acres Butterscotch, Lazy Acres Country Boy, Ohios Buckeye Queen, Rowdy, NFCS Competitor, Bo Peeps Annie, Bond Bulldog, Bond Doodles, Bond Mamas Measure, Lazy Acres Pop Corn Sam, Dell Teras Ohios Jay Cee, Ohios Mountain Lady, Rust Acres Little Joe, Rust Acres Little Dawn, Dels Charlie Brown, Ohios Tiny Red Comet.


Sire: La Vista Brilliant Remark

Dam: Ashley Acres Eve Was Framed

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