Since 2010 we have participated in Mare Stare’s online live foaling cameras. This service allows people from all over the world to watch our barn cameras live and have the opportunity to see a mare foaling. There is a dedicated group of people that watch over various live cameras that include not only horses (as the Mare Stare name implies), but dogs, cats, goats, lambs, donkeys etc. These cameras are located at private homes, and ranches, as well as veterinary hospitals, rescue facilities, and universities.


Individuals, known as “Aunties” (most are women), as well as science and education departments at schools, can log in to the Mare Stare site, and monitor the behavior of an animal before the birth, and if they are lucky, during the birth, as well as after the birth with the baby. This can be an amazing experience for people that would otherwise never have the opportunity to view an animal birthing. Some of these “watchers” are experienced people that have foaled out horses before, others have learned the signs of impending birthing from watching animals for many months or years. And many are people and students just interested in watching an animal live.


How does it work ?


For a small fee, the owner of the facility contacts Mare Stare, and through cameras located in their home, barn, or business, their cameras are linked in with the Mare Stare so that they can be seen through the Mare Stare website site. If the facility chooses, they can remain private, so that only they, or if they choose, a select group of their friends or clients, can view the live feed cameras.  People can also choose to have their cameras public so anyone can see the live camera feed.  These live cameras are located all over the world, offering a unique view into many birthing practices. The Mare Stare site can be viewed via your computer, tablet, or phone from anywhere.


For people that want to watch the Mare Stare live cameras, here is the link to the full list of cameras available. Note, not all will be available all the time, but there will always be some live, as it is always spring/summer somewhere in the world, and therefore foaling/birthing season.


Mare Stare Live Cameras Link :


How does this help the Breeder ?


Animal breeders are a busy group of people. They may have a large ranch to take care of and many animals, or may have children, or a job outside of their home that they are busy with. Having extra eyes that can look in on your animals, and call or text message the owner to alert them to the animal’s foaling has saved many babies that would have otherwise died. They may also save the baby’s mother. Many animals birth during the night when the owner is sleeping, and with this site being of global interest, it is always daytime somewhere ! We have received phone calls and messages from throughout the United States, Canada, Holland, and as far away as Qatar !


Personal recommendation.


I am quite sure that at least one foal has been saved each year at our breeding farm due to the diligence of the Mare Stare Watchers. I cannot imagine going through a foaling season without them. The Mare Stare “Aunties” have become personal friends that I am on a first name basis with, and valued team mates in our foaling process. I have the warmest gratitude for their years of competent, diligent help. Thank you to all of you for watching over my mares and foals !


Here are the links to our Mare Stare cameras :


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