Magic Mans Color Prints


Height 33.00 inches (Perm) AMHA #119086 / AMHR # 221889

Bay Frame Sabino Overo Pinto Stallion, with Blue Eyes. Homozygous for Black.

Foaled 6/19/00

"Prints was our first frame overo stallion. We love his refinement and elegance, and are proud to own this magnificent stallion."

Prints is our senior herd sire. We brought him to our ranch as a weanling from Missouri. Prints was our first frame overo stallion. We love his refinement and elegance, and are proud to own this magnificent stallion. Prints is a maximum white, bay frame sabino overo pinto bred by Lisa Davis at LTD's Miniatures in Missouri. He likely carries more than one sabino overo pinto gene. As of 2010 he has produced 25 foals, of which 18 were pintos, and several other foals were likely carrying a sabino gene we can not test for at this time. He has sired minimum to maximum frame overos, as well as sabino pintos. His sire, LTD's Magic Man is also a frame sabino overo pinto. Magic Man has many AMHR National Championships in driving, multi-color stallion, and halter. Magic Man is also a 3 times AMHA National Champion in 2000 in Driving, and is a multiple PTHA National Champion in Halter, Multi-Color Stallion, and Driving. Prints has brought outstanding color as well as refinement into our breeding program. He is homozygous for black and can never produce a red foal no matter what mare he is bred to. His foals have been shipped both nationally and internationally. Pacific Batik Prints and Pacific Casanova are now living at Little Dobbin American Miniature Horse Farm, where they, as well as their offspring, can currently be seen in the show ring in Australia. Prints captured our heart as a foal even before he was weaned. He was shipped to us right after weaning and has grown up on our ranch. He is one of our most beloved stallions, and we always look forward to his foals.


Color Prints was tested at UC Davis and found to be a Bay, Frame (LWO) pinto, Homozygous for  Black (Prints can never sire a chestnut foal no matter what mare he is bred to). He was also tested at the University of Kentucky and found to carry the Sabino (SB1) gene. He has tested Negative for the Silver Gene at Animal Genetics. He tested negative for the Splashed White gene at UC Davis.


His pedigree includes: LTD's Magic Man, TNT's Angel Baby, Shredder, Samples Wendy, Pratt Little Nugget, Jobi Yasmin, Sonrisa Hajel, Gypsy, Sample, Samples Sandy Blue Eyed Crescent, Jobi Biet, Texas Bluebelle, RGR Crescent King, Silverdales Dainty Denise, Cocoa, Judy, and Samples Ginger.


Sire: LTD's Magic Man

Dam: TNT's Angel Baby

Joanne & Keevan Abramson

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