Lacey has been a wonderful brood mare for us. Though Lacey was not born here, she was purchased in 1994 at four days old, and she and her dam were brought to our farm where she was raised by us. She has acquired the nickname of "Black Lace" as we had several horses named "Lacey" in our herd at one point. Even as a newborn Lacey was an elegant horse. Beautiful long legs and movement combined to make her not only a wonderful mare, but a perfect broodmare. At the time of her purchase in 1994 there were not many horses as refined as her being produced. As of 2009, Lacey has produced ten foals for us, including one of our current herd sires, Pacific Mad Hatter. Lacey was our first introduction into the jet black (non fading) gene. Lacey's coat remains the darkest ink jet black even in the height of summer. This is a trait she often passes on to her foals. We have sought out this jet black gene when acquiring additional horses for our ranch. Her pedigree is filled with many well known Shadow Oaks, Dell Teras, and Shady Acres horses. Lacey has the personality and grace to make her one of our favorite mares. She is an easy going and happy mare that passes on her confidence, and her conformation, to her foals. Lacey has been a consistent producer of excellent quality, refined foals.


Lacey has been tested and is a heterozygous Tobiano, and negative for Sabino (SB1).



Her pedigree includes: Las Doradas BBS Freedom, Hidden Rivers Tiffany Delight, Willowbrooks Moonshadow, Les Petites Liberte, Shady Acres Cracker Jack, Kraus Kings Lightening, Dell Teras Thriller, AWH Lady Black, Shadow Oaks Noah, Shadow Oaks Queen of Hearts, Shady Acres Gee Whiz, Shady Acres Midget, Dell Teras Bronco, Dell Teras Rhonda, Shadow Oaks Ebb, O Suzanne, Shadow Oaks Firefly.



Sire:  Las Doradas BBS Freedom

Dam: Hidden Rivers Tiffany Delight







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