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Heritage Lite My Fire




Silver Chestnut Homozygous Tobiano Pinto.


Height - 32.25 inches • Foaled 4/30/2000 • AMHA A 119411 / AMHR 226784A




I watched this horse for several years produce beautiful foals at various well-known horse farms. In 2014 we had the opportunity to add her to our broodmares. She was very shy when she arrived, but has settled in and found her place within the herd. Fire has become a wonderful addition to our homozygous tobiano pinto program. She has the most soft, gentle eyes, and her homozygous markings have that extra pizzazz we love to look at. She has gained confidence, and trusts people now. It took some time to convince her that she had found her home, and she could relax. We look forward to what she will add crossed with our homozygous tobiano stallions. Fire has lived as far east as Maryland, and came to us from North Carolina. Our thanks to Gayle Wilner of Kakos Happy Horses.


Fire has been tested and is Homozygous for Tobiano (TT) Pinto, Red/Black (Ee), and carries the Silver (nZ) gene.



Her pedigree includes: Don Jose Creation, Cedar Brooks Toyhorse Nirvana of BA, Boones HFS Don Jose, Cosmic Created, Skerry of Belmont, Clivocast Jasmine, Boones HFS Macho, Boones Little Apache.



Sire:  Don Jose Creation

Dam: Cedar Brooks Toyhorse Nirvana of BA





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