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Happy Times Storms Gift of Love




Black Tobiano Pinto, right eye blue, left eye partial blue.


Height - 33.00 inches  •  Foaled 5/22/2009  •  A 194863 / R 299245A


Stormy has unusual black markings on her face and legs, a  large roan area on her right side of her face which has dots in it, black dots on her blaze, and a right blue eye, and partial blue on her left eye. Stormy is our second mare that carries the Belton Markings described by Lesli Kathman in her book 'The Equine Tapestry'. She has tested heterozygous tobiano, and negative for splashed white. Stormy's sire is a black homozygous tobiano pinto, and her dam is a heterozygous tobiano pinto with lacing on her back. Her 2013 filly, Kakos Color Me Awesome, shows the extreme that these Belton Markings can occur on a horse. 'Awesome' is not homozygous for tobiano, but rather carries the Belton Markings of her dam. The gene combination lets these markings be expressed is unknown at this time. We wish to thank Carolyn and Bill Robinson at Happy Times Farm for breeding this lovely horse; and Gayle Wilner at Kakos Happy Horses for allowing her to join our brood mares. The photo of Kakos Color Me Awesome is used by permission of Karol Wilner / Kakos Happy Horses.



She has been tested and is Black (Ee), and positive for the Tobiano (nT) pinto gene. She tested negative for the Splashed White (SW1) pinto gene.



Her pedigree includes: 3FS Midnight Storm Edition, Rivers Edge Lovers Caprice, Freedom Hill Farms Buck The Memory, B&WS Grand Edition, Grosshill EK Creations Rowdy Lover, Lucky Four Apaches Showboat, Little Kings Buck Echo, Freedom Hill Farms Memory of You, Sweetwaters Heart Throb, Bomar Dolly Parton, NFC Egyptian Kings Creation, NFC Rowdys Love Note, Richters Apache, Lucky Four Back Talk, Boones Little Buckaroo, Komokos Teenie Jeanie, Bond Nimrod, Freedom Hill Farms Fantastic Illus, Bar B Majestic Star, Hemlock Brooks Egyptian King, Dell Teras Lady Mildred.



Sire: 3FS Midnight Storm Edition

Dam: Rivers Edge Lovers Caprice




Kakos Color Me Awesome

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