Fergies Kitty Hawk




Chocolate Silver Bay Homozygous Splashed White Overo Pinto, with Blue Eyes.


Height - 31.50 inches • Foaled 5/16/2007 • A 184459 / R 339987A


Confirmed in foal to Windermeres Buckaroo Ultimate Legacy for a May 2020 foal



Kitty Hawk arrived as a yearling and has grown up here. We had wanted to add some Reeces 4GS Little Kings Alfalfa Pleasure (a.k.a. "Hawk") blood to our breeding program for some time. In the spring of 2008 that dream became a reality. Bred by Rick and Becky Ferguson of Illinois, Kitty Hawk is by Reeces Shadow of a Hawk, a "Hawk" son who is a solid black, splashed white, and frame (lwo) positive stallion, and out of Fergies Double Oak Miss, a chocolate silver dam. All Kitty Hawk’s pedigree lines are new to our breeding farm making her an ideal outcross for our stallions. She was tested at U.C. Davis and found to be homozygous for the Splashed White (SW-1/SW-1) gene. While we have other toveros in our breeding program that have the splashed white gene in them, this was our first pure splashed white mare. She is a classic splashed white overo pinto pattern, and has tested negative for the frame (lwo) gene. Her grandsire, Fergies Lucky Medicine Hat, is a splashed white tobiano pinto, and her dam carries minimal splashed white markings. Kitty Hawk has the Fishers line of horses in her pedigree, which we have always admired. Kitty Hawk has a distinct, dark undercoat, and she has progressively darkened since her arrival from a classic red silver bay to a dark chocolate dappled silver bay. Photos of her were featured in the book The Equine Tapestry. She and a nice dishy head with dazzling blue eyes, and is a great cross with our frame, sabino, and tobiano stallions.


Kitty Hawk has been tested and found to be a Silver Bay, Silver (nZ), Agouti Bay (Aa), Red Factor (Ee); and Homozygous for the Splashed White (SW-1/SW-1) gene. She tested negative for the Frame (LWO) gene.


Her pedigree includes: Reeces Shadow of a Hawk, 4 GS Little Kings Alfalfa Pleasure, Little Kings Alfalfa Please, Warwick Farms, Luckys, Fergies Lucky Medicine Hat, Oak Forest Wild Streak, East Acres Blaze, Fishers Frosted Ellusion, and Fishers Elaine.


Sire:  Reeces Shadow of a Hawk

Dam: Fergies Double Oak Miss







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