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Cross Country Tequila Sunrise




Silver Buckskin Frame Splashed White Overo Pinto, with Blue Eyes.


Height - 33.25 inches • Foaled 4/25/2007 • A 182510, R 288147A




Tequila captured our attention as a newborn filly. We love the look of refined miniature horses, and Tequila had that refined, beautiful body from birth. We have always loved silver buckskins, and with this mare's added flash of color, combined with her outstanding conformation, and her blue eyes, it was a package too great to pass up. As she has matured, her body coloration has become a spectacular apricot silver buckskin color. Her sire is a frame overo pinto, Cross Country Native Dancer. Dancer is a Lazy N Red Boy son. Tequila is a double bred Lazy N Red Boy, and double bred Rowdy breeding. Lazy N Red Boy's get include a significant number of National, Grand, and Reserve Champions. Her dam is Cross Country Layla, a beautiful blue-eyed buckskin. Both her sire and dam are blue-eyed minimally marked pintos, and we are not certain which parent carries the splashed white gene. Tequila's pedigree is filled with Cross Country bred horses. As with all buckskins, and especially the silver buckskins, she has darken over time and is now showing off her beautiful markings. Her buckskin coloration is an unusual, deep apricot color. Her beautiful blue eyes are surrounded by black eyeliner. She has quickly burrowed herself into our hearts, and is one of our favorite mares. In addition to her drop dead gorgeous looks, her easy going personality is certainly a plus! Her first foal, Pacific Bella Luna, born in 2011, now lives in France at Cinnamon's Sirius. Tequila was purchased as a weanling in 2007. She is a gorgeous mare that we thankfully acquired from Belinda Bagby at Cross Country Farm in Arkansas.


She is a Black (Ee). She tested positive for the Frame (LWO), Splashed White (SW-1), Silver (N/Z), Cream (N/Cr), and Agouti Bay (Aa) genes. She tested negative for the Sabino (Sb1) gene.




Her pedigree includes: Cross Country Native Dancer, Cross Country Layla, Lazy N Red Boy, Cross Countrys Wendy, Cross Countrys Rowdy Reflection, Nordics Lady Jane Grey, Rowdy, Hancocks 15 Bell, Cross Country Lil Alice, and Kewpies Sun.



Sire:  Cross Country Native Dancer

Dam: Cross Country Layla






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