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Cross Country Blue Moon

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Buckskin Homozygous Tobiano Stallion, with Blue Eyes


 Height - 32.50 inches  •  Foaled 11/12/07  •  AMHA  # 186211 / AMHR # 290392T

Sold To: Morgan Yorlano, Simi Valley, CA



We have always adored blue-eyed buckskins. In 2008 we had the opportunity to acquire a refined colt that would be a future herd sire and infuse some new outside blood into our breeding program. This is a perfect stallion in so many ways, conformation, personality, and color. Unfortunately we have been unable to get any mares bred to him. As we bought him for that purpose, it is with a heavy heart that we are now offering him for sale. Perhaps someone with an excellent reproduction veterinarian at their disposal will be able to sort out his issue. Please contact me to learn what we have tried. If not, this remains an exceptional horse with Paul Newman eyes that will just melt your heart. He is easy on the eyes in the pasture and a dream to play with. Please look at his video and consider him as a show gelding or driving horse. He is worth far more than his asking price. We have admired the Cross Country horses for some time and Blue Moon joined another Cross Country bred blue-eyed buckskin, Cross Country Tequila Sunrise, in our breeding program. He has several generations of Cross Country breeding in his pedigree. He is a grandson of Lazy N Red Boy, and great grandson of Rowdy. Lazy N Red Boy's get include a significant number of National, Grand, and Reserve Champions. His sire, Cross Country The Wizard, is a bay tobiano pinto. His dam, Cross Country Miss Amy, is a spectacular buckskin tobiano pinto. Miss Amy has had an impressive show career, and is the daughter of the stunning award winning Cross Country's Rowdys Reflection. Blue Moon is a rich, deep buckskin color, with black eyeliner around both beautiful blue eyes. He is a wonderful, refined stallion. Blue Moon is the quality of stallion sought after for the show ring, with excellent leg to body proportions. His coloration is balanced, with just the right amount of chrome to attract attention, and an easy going personality.


Blue Moon tested Homozygous for the Tobiano Pinto gene (he can never have a solid foal no matter what mare he is bred to), and negative for the Frame Overo (LWO) gene. He tested negative for the Splashed White (SW-1) gene at UC Davis. We suspect that Blue Moon carries a splashed white gene that we cannot test for at this time.


Blue Moon tested Homozygous for the Tobiano Pinto gene, and negative for the Frame Overo (LWO) gene. He tested negative for the Splashed White gene at UC Davis.


His pedigree includes: Cross Country The Wizard, Cross Country Miss Amy, Lazy N Red Boy, Cross Country Painted Moon, Cross Country's Rowdys Reflection, Cross Country's Black Storm, Rowdy, Cross Country's Lil Fireball, Cross Country's Circus Girl, Cross Country's Lil Alice, Kewpies Sun, Cross Country's Main Edition.



Sire: Cross Country The Wizard

Dam: Cross Country Miss Amy


Joanne & Keevan Abramson

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