Black Bay.


Height - 30.50 inches • Foaled 5/15/2006 • A 170551 / R 279089






When Darrell Mulkey and Tommy Smith of Millennium Farms retired from miniature horses in late 2009 this beautiful mare caught our attention. As we could not decide between Millennium's Abyss and Couture, we did what any level headed miniature horse lover would do, we bought them both!! Couture is a gorgeous black bay mare with huge, expressive doe eyes, and attitude to spare! Couture was the last of Dippers Duffy's foals born in 2006, the year that her sire died. He only sired two more foals the next year in 2007 that were born after his death. Dipper's Duffy was a Boones Little Apache son, and a Roan Ranger Grandson. Her dam, Rose, is a daughter of the incredible NFC Sugar Boy, by Roan Ranger. Rose is gorgeous mare that has proven herself over and over again to be a producer of spectacular offspring. Couture's great grandsire on both sides is Roan Ranger, giving her Gold Melody Boy on both the top and bottom of her pedigree. We are thrilled to have this mare join our band of brood mares. Couture carries herself with a presence of greatness. She has a floating trot and demands that you earn her trust. Her aloof nature has given her the nickname "Contessa"! That barn name has now stuck. Once again, we wish to thank Darrell and Tommy of Millennium Farms in Texas for allowing us to purchase this mare.



Her pedigree includes: Dippers Duffy, Checkmate Sugar Boys Black Rose, Boones Little Apache, Starlights Little Dipper, NFCS Sugar Boy, Flying M Blue Rose, Roan Ranger, Johnstons Starlight,  NFCS Sugar Baby,  Flying M Cracker, Justabouts Ranchs Pansy, and Gold Melody Boy.



Sire:  Dippers Duffy

Dam: Checkmate Sugar Boys Black Rose


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