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Benchmark My Darling Clementine


Black. Homozygous for Black.


Height - 29.50 inches • Foaled 4/27/97 • A 89850   



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Sold To: Sarah Deane, San Ramon, CA


Clementine has proven to be a real asset to our breeding program. As a solid black mare she is versatile in being able to be bred to any of our pinto stallions. And as a homozygous for black mare we know she will never produce a red foal no matter what stallion she is bred to. Clementine is three quarters Bond breeding tracing back to Bond Commodore, Bond Jocko, and Bond Showboy. Her sire, Bond Famas Amos, is a jet black tobiano pinto, grandson of Bond Showboy. Her dam, Sugar Creek Silver Belle, is a solid silver dapple daughter of Bond Commodore. Clementine has produced several beautiful frame overo pinto foals for us, and is a sweet mare. Her correct body and legs are a great asset to a breeding program. While she is one of our smaller mares, she has excellent leg to body proportions, and passes on this trait to her foals. Her large, dreamy brown eyes, dishy head, beautiful cheeks, and muzzle are a lovely sight to behold. Clementine has been bred several times to our herd sire Magic Mans Color Prints (a AMHA and AMHR National Champion LTDS Magic Man son). This breeding cross has proven to be an exceptional cross producing three frame sabino pintos. Her pedigree traces back to a number of famous Bond stallions including Bond Commodore, as well as his sire Bond Showboy. Showboy was the sire of a number of AMHA Grand National, National, and Reserve National Champions including the renowned Bond A Toy 4 U C, and Bond Snippet. Clementine is one of many quality horses that were bred by Lynda Marzec of Sugar Creek Farms that we are lucky to have in our breeding stock. She has had no problems foaling, and is a superb mom.


Clementine has been tested and is homozygous for black. She cannot produce a red foal no matter what stallion she is bred to.


Her pedigree includes: Bond Famas Amos, Sugar Creek Silver Belle, Bond Shadrack, Bond Agnes, Bond Commodore, JRS Little Silver Girl, Bond Showboy, Bond Leander, Bond Jocko, Bond Fantasy, JRS Little Partner, JRS Little Girl, Bond Tiny Tim, Bond Honeydew, Bond Bulldog, Bond Amy.



Sire:  Dippers Duffy

Dam: Checkmate Sugar Boys Black Rose


Joanne & Keevan Abramson

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