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Aspen Ridge Night Sky




Jet Black Homozygous Tobiano Pinto, with left eye blue.


Height - 33.50 inches • Foaled 4/25/2002 • AMHA A 139589/AMHR 232484A





Night Sky is a flashy, head turning mare that caught our attention the first time we saw her. I followed her for several years, and watch as her foals mature both here and in Europe. Covered in paw prints in a calico pattern on both sides, this mare leaves no doubt she is homozygous for tobiano. She has passed on her wonderful dots and spots to her foals as well. Including producing two foals for us so far; Pacific Starstuck and Pacific Skylar. Sky has been lab tested as a homozygous tobiano (she will always have a tobiano pinto foal no matter what stallion she is bred to). She is an outstanding addition to our homozygous tobiano pinto breeding program. Originally bred by Denese Carney of Aspen Ridge Farm, she spent most of her life loved at Michele Halverson's Lot-Sa-Fun Miniature Horses in Wisconsin. Thank you Michele for Sky. She is now loved here :)


Night Sky has been tested and is Homozygous for the Tobiano (TT) Pinto gene; and Negative for the Splashed White (SW-1) gene. Sky is Red/Black (Ee).


Her pedigree includes: Fallen Ash Farms Noble Hero, Log Cabin Farms Night Music, Fallen Ash Farms Local Hero, Fallen Ash Farms So Sweet, L&D Scout, Jeanie Kay, Komokos Bo Weavel, Miss Calico, Ohios Meadow Muffin, Ohios Society Miss, Orion Light Vant Huttenest, L&D April Lady, Komokos King Tut, Ohios Little Toy, Ohios Little Queenie, Ohios Sheekabob, Ohios Dapple Dolly, Dell Teras Jane.


Sire:  Fallen Ash Farms Noble Hero

Dam: Log Cabin Farms Night Music






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