Birth of a Miniature Horse

All Photos Copyright Sandy Eis, Tiny Ass Productions.

 Birth of Pacific Swiss Miss on April 12, 2007. Dam is Arrows Dancing Feather of LTD's, Sire is Knollac Buckin Rhythms Top Cat. 

 Assisting out the foal, which is still in its sac. The foal had an elbow lock and I repositioned the leg in order for it to be able to birth.

 Stripping the nose to clear the fluid so it can breath easier. 

 Moving the filly so the dam can see her. 

 Drying it off.  The dam's halter alarm is visible on the left side of this photo.
It sounds an alarm when the mare goes into labor.  It is called a Breeder Alert.

 Dam and foal bonding. 

 First unsteady steps. 

 Dam comforting foal.


An hour after the birth.

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