Pacific Pintos Miniature Horse Farm was started in 1993. Our 37 acre ranch is nestled in the redwoods of Northern California, just two miles from the Pacific Ocean. Our interest is to produce quality miniature horses which combine the refined body the miniature horse world demands with great conformation and pinto colors.


We were fortunate to select a number of high quality mares and stallions for our breeding program from breeders around the United States. These quality horses form the backbone of our breeding program, and provide our clients with beautiful horses that they can be proud to own, whether they plan to show, breed, or just enjoy one of our miniature horses as a pet. We continue to improve our breeding stock with additions of exceptional outside horses.


Our breeding farm currently consists of 50 pinto horses, with about twelve quality foals born each year. This type of specialized, select breeding allows the maximum amount of time to be spent with each horse, and provide for their individual needs. Our broodmares birth in a barn stall where they are monitored with both a Breeder Alert pager, and cameras to assure they have a safe birth. The cameras are live on Mare Stare which allows both clients, and anyone else interested the possibility of seeing a live birth from their computer or smartphone.


We are producing tobiano, overo, and tovero (a combination of both tobiano and overo) pinto patterns. Our high concentration of breeding pinto horses which have several generations of pintos in their lineage insures that our clients are receiving exceptional future breeding stock. Our horses have been featured in several horse genetic books.


Laboratory genetic testing documentation will be provided to interested clients. As the genetic information available to us has grown we now test our horses for even more genetic colors and patterns. Some of our horses have tested homozygous for pinto, black, or both. These horses can only produce pinto offspring, black offspring, or both pinto and black, depending on their genes.


All our horses are AMHA registered, some are also AMHR registered. All horses are DNA'd, and all foals are Parentage Qualified. This guarantees our clients that the registration papers are accurate.


Pacific Pinto horses can be found throughout the United States, and in addition in Australia, Canada, England, France, Mexico, the Philippines, and Sweden.


Our horses are special to us and we know they will be special to you.


We appreciate your consideration of our miniature horses.

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