A Sundancers in a Blossoms Shadow




Black Minimal Splashed White Overo Pinto with four socks, with Blue Eyes.


Height - 34.00 inches • Foaled 4/13/2001 • A 124814









Another breathtaking mare! Blossom is one of the most elegant mares I have ever seen. She dances when she moves. Blossom has white patches on her belly, four white socks, a blaze which drops onto her lower lip, and blue eyes. We have owned this horse since 2003, and all that time we suspected with her white socks, and belly white that she carried a pinto gene, however all previous genetic pattern tests had been negative. Until the splashed white gene test became available in 2012, we were not able to confirm that she carried the splashed white gene. She has passed her splashed white pattern on to her foals as well. She has a light Arabian-type frame, and an elegant head with a small muzzle. Blossom is an intelligent mare that is a born leader. Bred by Harvey and Mildred Levy, now retired from Bar Ls Ranch, Blossom is the daughter of Bar Ls Dazzling Dude, a loud tovero show stallion that won many awards in both halter and multi-color stallion classes. She looks exactly like her grand dam, the late AWH Blossom. Her pedigree includes the Fishers line, known for their driving horses, which explains Blossom's wonderful movement. We wish to thank Kim Wende of Texas for letting us acquire Blossom.


She has been tested and is Black (Ee), Positive for the Splashed White (SW-1) Overo Pinto gene; and negative for the Frame, Sabino, and Tobiano genes.



Her pedigree includes: Bar Ls Dazzling Dude, Bar Ls Grand Prix, Stouts Robert K, AWH Blossom, Bar Ls Grand Finale, Fishers Pearly Mae, Stouts Black Magic, Stouts Teenie Lou, Dell Teras Red Baron, AWH Miss Chiquita, Aint I Grand, Flying M Topaz, Pistols Casey Branaman, Fishers Bay Bonnet, Stouts Mister pride, Stouts Little Sheba, Dell Teras Moon Man, Dell Teras Barbara S, Equus Minus Boogaloo, Komokos Baby Jane, Goforth Little Pistol, Fishers Lady Sorrel.


Sire:  Bar Ls Dazzling Dude

Dam: Bar Ls Grand Prix







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